Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kay is "not dealing with polls anymore."

Kay visited El Paso and had some interesting comments for the newspaper editorial board there (link). Excerpt follows...

But Hutchsion, who believes a run-off is likely, told the El Paso Times Editorial Board that the race is closer than the poll indicates.

"Rasmussen is kind-of a one night robo-call and our internal polls show it much closer," she said. "I am just not dealing with it. I am not dealing with polls anymore. I feel very encouraged that people are hearing my message, which is that the governor is staying too long. Fourteen years of one person controlling so much has given an arrogance to his office."

During the nearly hour-long editorial board meeting, Hutchison answered questions about establishing a rail line in El Paso, pinpointing her resignation date from the Senate and detailing her plans for the city.

"I think rail coming through El Paso for both freight as well as people moving can be very, very effective and helpful," she said. "This should be a gateway for both goods and commerce."

Hutchison reiterated that she would resign her senate seat after the March 2 primary election but that a specific date for her departure would depend on a health care reform efforts.

On a question about whether she considers herself a moderate Republican, Hutchison said "I am a conservative and I have always been a conservative. I am a conservative that wants to work with other people."

So much for her new campaign strategy of going after moderates that seemed to be emerging...

Kay has some great internal poll numbers though so watch out (link)...

AUSTIN -- For months, polls have shown Gov. Rick Perry's lead over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison widening in the GOP gubernatorial primary race.

With the primary just weeks away, some experts say her campaign is flagging; others say it couldbe ripe for a rebound.

“Polls go up and down. We have internal polls that are very good, so I feel very, very good about where we are,” Sen. Hutchison told reporters in an interview in November 2009 regarding disappointing poll numbers.

She's been confronted with slipping poll numbers for months now.


“It’s not an obituary, but it is… a death watch," said Brian Smith, PhD., a political science professor at St. Edward’s University.

Smith believes Hutchison won't be able to siphon much support from candidate Debra Medina.

Since Medina is third in most polls, she likely wouldn't make it to a run-off.

“When you think about Medina, pro-life, pro-gun, those are things Gov. Perry can emphasize very easily without having to make any major compromises,” Smith explained.

Death watch might be a little strong... but Kay's campaign is clearly not performing well right now... but at least they have those internals to boost spirits...

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