Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pro Kay feminist blog accidentally makes the case against Kay...

There is a blog called the new agenda that is all about women and promoting them in politics... they are backing Kay, and their reasoning reads like an attack hit sheet put out by Rick's peeps (link). Excerpt follows...

If you are like me, you may be still feeling frustrated with the Coakley non-election and wondering why voters seem to have a problem electing totally qualified women. You may even feel that itch to do something about it, take some ACTION! For those that share that feeling, there is something you can do right now and, in fact, time is of the essence.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, the most senior female Republican senator, is running for governor of Texas. The Republican primary is March 2nd. That is just a month away! She’s running against the Republican incumbent governor, Rick Perry. Despite her vast experience and qualifications, as well as some hefty endorsements, polls show Perry with a double digit lead. But I think national involvement by women can have an impact on this race. Look at polls in Massachusetts Dec 19 versus Jan 19. Talk about impacts and national involvement! Women can be on the winning side of impacts too. And we can’t let another qualified woman go down.

Why should you care about a woman running for governor in Texas? Well, for those who still harbor a fantasy of having a woman in the White House one day, Texas is an electoral-vote-rich state. That seems a bit irrelevant now but it is still worth considering. After all, many Vice Presidents and Presidents come straight from governor’s mansions. But more importantly, Kay Bailey Hutchison is a strong female candidate with a lifetime of experience and public service. Our country needs this kind of female candidate running in races in all parties and in all states. If the likes of Kay Bailey Hutchison, Martha Coakley and Hillary Clinton keep losing races, women will be less and less likely to run. If women don’t run, women cannot get elected, and we will never have our voice adequately represented in government. And our country will continue to suffer the negative consequences of having only half of its population involved in developing solutions.

“She’s a Republican! I cannot vote for a Republican! She voted against this. She voted against that. I can’t support a candidate just because she’s a woman.” Okay, okay. Get it all out…

Now, throw out the negativity. It is time to think about positive, good things! Can do, take action kinds of things! Here’s something, an exercise of sorts: Do a little research, do a little thinking and see how many reasons you can come up with to support Kay Bailey Hutchison. You know they’re out there! Write them down. In fact, come back and share them with us and post a comment.

I did the exercise and I found some good stuff! She certainly meets my pro-woman criteria for support.

Kay Bailey Hutchison:

Is the first woman to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate.

Voted in favor of the Anti-Rape Amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill that protects the rights of rape victims who work for federal contractors overseas.

Voted in favor of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act proving to many women the important of having women from all parties representing us in Congress.

Joined forces with Hillary Clinton honoring Women’s History Month at an event where the two women “spoke to each other like close sisters” while they “offered life lessons to young women and discussed their own successes, defeats and frailties.”

Worked with Senator Hillary Clinton to write provisions into the No Child Left Behind Act authorizing single-sex education in public schools.

As U.S. Representative, worked with Sarah Weddington (the attorney who won the Roe v. Wade case), to protect rape victims from having their names published.

Was named one of “The 30 most powerful women in America” by Ladies Home Journal in 2001.

Was the first female TV newswoman in Texas (”The Eyes of Texas”).

Considers herself pro-choice, supports the legality of abortion and believes that the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade was appropriate and should not be overturned.

This is almost as bad as having David Duke endorse you in Harlem... I bet Kay's peeps are emailing this blogger telling her thanks but no thanks... please take down your blog it is only hurting us...

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  1. An addition to her 'accomplishments' list that I hope for will be:

    Kay Beltway Hutchinson - Retired

    Faster please!


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